Photos by Glenn Tachiyama: 50k / 25k
Time-lapse video of the Buffalo Road Aid Station by Ross Comer
Finish-line video of The Pine Hearts by Chelsea Anne
Report by Connor Meakin (Men's second place - 50k)
Report by Trail to 50
Report by Barefoot Jayme
Report by Jason Fedchak

Race Video by Project Talaria
Photos by Glenn Tachiyama
Photos by Paul Nelson
Photos by Ross Comer
Photos by Candice Burt
Photos by Jay Kacey
Photos by Jerry "Missing Link" Gamez
Photos by Seth Wolpin
Time-lapse Video of the Buffalo Aid Station by Ross Comer (Special thanks to Bob Marley)
Report by Loren Buchanan
Report by Adam Hewey
Report by Chase Parnell
Report by Alicia Woodside
Report by Tim Mathis(Volunteer)
Report by Martin Criminale(Volunteer) includes videos from both 50k and 25k starts
Report by Seth Wolpin

Report by Yitka Winn (Associate Editor of Trail Runner Magazine)
Report by Laura Kantor
Report by Susan Kelley

Photos by Matt Hagen
Photos by Glenn Tachiyama

2009/2010 Pre Race Scouting
These photos are from two runs on the course. Some are from April 2009 (with Alison Hanks) the others from November 2010 (with Candice Burt).